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People rely on story to make sense of the world.

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s creative leaders who have worked in tech, media, and public service industries, we’ve seen how that simple scientific fact can spark tremendous action.

Superb storytelling is the most effective way to drive results on earth.

We created VOCAL to put that power in service of brands and organizations whose values and actions inspire us.

Our clients and partners are bent on leaving the world better than they found it.

They take a stand on matters of justice.

They innovate in their spaces.

They lead.

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We are filmmakers, creatives and strategists who help our partners
cut through the noise and connect.

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Who We Are

Our Leadership

Director / Founder

Shawn Cetrone

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Creative Director

Kolby Akamu Moser

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Our Process

How We Work


Align on a Vision

We start by asking lots of questions. Why film and story? What is your desired future state? How will we know when we’ve succeeded? (Oh there’s more.) We want to define what a win looks like. Then we build a foundation to succeed.

Story Finding and Pre-Production

Once we see the vision, we work backwards and design a path to reach it. Whether we help with a specific opportunity or collaborate on an extended partnership, this phase is arguably the most crucial to driving results. It's where we find the perfect stories to tell and the right people to tell them.


Creativity, intention and strategy come together in the field as cameras roll and artists get to work. With a clear objective and storystructure in place, we’ll look to capture exactly what we need in an intentional way.


Our team brings everything together during this phase. And it tends to flow smoothly and at a brisk pace thanks to the intention we build into the entire process.

Delivery and Support

Everything we deliver is customized and optimized to drive the results around the opportunities we aligned on in phase one.
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