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but why?

Brands Will Spend Some $375 Billion This Year on Digital Ads.

How much of that will even cut through the noise, let alone spark action?

We can help.

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strategic storytelling

Before Ben died, his father stared into a camera.

The man told a story about how tough it was to find joy knowing that he would soon lose his two-year-old son to a brain tumor.

By the end of the short film, nearly everyone who watched donated to a cancer charity.

This result is part of a vast and growing body of research that shows storytelling to be the most persuasive form of communication on earth.

Stories grip attention, change minds and spark action.

Three filmmakers wearing surgical masks operate multiple cameras while filming an interview.
A filmmaker operates a cinema camera in a forest.

But not every story works.

Studies show certain story structures are most likely to drive results.

For instance, when audiences saw a different video featuring Ben and his father without these structures, they were less likely to donate.

Another study of 108 Super Bowl ads over two years found that story structure, much more than content, predicted success.

VOCAL’s intentional approach is grounded in the science that shows how to drive action.

We don’t touch cameras or creative until we know what our partners want to accomplish and why. Then we design with proven story structures to build new realities.

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